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Graphic Design & Website Design

Designed and developed by a team of former soldiers from the British Army, Talos is an all-terrain light strike vehicle from formally named local business Caged Steel Force Company.

The Brief

Looking to increase sales & enquiries through their website, and increase brand awareness, Caged Steel Force Company needed to rework and refine their current branding, alongside the build and design of a brand new website.

The brief Image

The Solution

Working with the business to first understand their core offerings, and the demographic of their customers, we quickly established that Caged Steel Force Company’s core product was the Talos all-terrain vehicle, and the current company name was distracting, and perhaps confusing, customers from this.

Alongside this was the need for a more coherent user journey; with more focus needed on the customisable options associated with this very specialist vehicle – the USP of the company.

The solution Image

The End Result

A stunning, fresh, and focused new brand; encompassing a new logo, and new responsive website – clearly reflecting the offerings of the company, and giving visitors to the site a clean and logical pathway, complemented by stunning images & video of the vehicles ‘in-action’, optimised content, and an area for updates & ways to get in touch.

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