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Wessex Tubas was established by experienced British tuba player Jonathan Hodgetts in 2010, with the aim of bringing the pleasure of brass music making to the masses.

Wessex Tubas is now a renowned and well-respected brand in the brass instrument industry; selling high-quality brass all over the world, predominantly online.

The Brief

Wessex was preparing to launch a brand new product to the market – a specialist travel Euphonium, inspired by Tornister Euphoniums played by the Austro-Hungarian military during the First World War.

The first of its kind created for almost a century, we knew this was a very special product, and it deserved some very special treatment – a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that reflected the product’s exclusivity, whilst suggesting urgency, and rewarding existing customers for their loyalty to the brand.

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The Solution

We embarked on an email marketing campaign, supported by a series of Facebook adverts.

The emails, which were sent specifically to existing customers, highlighted the exclusivity of the product by asking these customers to pre-order their Euphoniums before they went on general release; beginning with an initial, ‘generic’, email introducing the product, and then following up with subsequent emails depending on what actions those customers took.

Supporting Facebook adverts hinged on stunning imagery and direct call to actions (CTAs), reflecting the messaging conveyed in the emails.

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The End Result

Within a month, the entire batch of new travel Euphoniums had successfully sold, with many customers enquiring about further orders; this activity not only leading to a stream of successful sales, but also presenting the Wessex Tubas brand as the affordable yet high quality manufacturer of gorgeous brass instruments it is.

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