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Abandoned Cart Remarketing

Wessex Tubas was established by experienced British tuba player Jonathan Hodgetts in 2010, with the aim of bringing the pleasure of brass music making to the masses.

Wessex Tubas is now a renowned and well-respected brand in the brass instrument industry; selling high-quality brass all over the world, predominantly online.

The Brief

Wessex Tubas needed to recover abandoned cart sales – remarketing to customers who had engaged with the website, picked out exactly what they wanted, placed it in their shopping cart but then abandoning the sale.

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The Solution

We began by analysing the data; identifying the audience and understanding which products people were abandoning in their carts.

After this, we set to work, creating the content for the Facebook ads; writing the copy in line with Facebook’s ad rules, and selecting the imagery to accompany.

We knew that the audience we were talking to were already familiar with the brand, and really wanted the products we were remarketing, so we weren’t trying to establish the brand or introduce customers to anything they didn’t already know.

Therefore we kept it simple; a set of differing adverts, putting stunning imagery and a direct call to action front and centre: focusing on the quality and exclusivity of the products.

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The End Result

Through careful targeting over a 30 day Facebook advertising campaign, we achieved a reach of 625 people, a click through rate of 74.58%, and an ROI of 3280%. Amazing, even if we do say so ourselves.

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