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Wessex Tubas was established by experienced British tuba player Jonathan Hodgetts in 2010, with the aim of bringing the pleasure of brass music making to the masses. Many years on, and Wessex Tubas is a renowned and well-respected brand in the brass instrument industry; selling high-quality brass all over the world, predominantly online.


Website Design

When Wessex Tubas began to outgrow the capability and capacity of its current site, we created a new ecommerce website, showcasing Wessex as the influential, premium quality yet affordable brand it is; ensuring a smoother online shopping experience that works on mobiles and acts a base for effective Content Marketing and ongoing SEO work with space for a blog, and geolocation for visitors around the globe.

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Digital Marketing

Then came the often tricky task of recovering abandoned cart sales – remarketing to customers who had engaged with the website, picked out exactly what they wanted, placed it in their shopping cart… but never completed the purchase.

We took to Facebook to recover these abandoned carts; targeting specific customers over a 30 day campaign; achieving a reach of 625 people, a click through rate of 74.58%, and an ROI of 3280%. Amazing, even if we do say so ourselves.

Creative Services

With an effective new website, and mind-blowingly powerful digital marketing, comes a new brand perception, and what better way to continue to raise this perception than with new product imagery?

By working with an award-winning professional photographer, we created stunning imagery of all products under the Wessex Tubas brand; showcasing the beauty in each product available through the online shop.

The Outcome

A good looking website, effective content, and eye-catching video, all created to draw users into the site and keep them coming back for more; showcasing the product as a luxury lifestyle choice , and selling the benefits to any potential owner.

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