Your brand is often the first element of your business audiences encounter. Much more than simply your logo, your brand encompasses your logo, messaging, tone of voice, images and photography, website, and everything in between, even down to the type of fonts you use! Working hard to create a consistent and coherent experience both on and offline, your brand should work hard, not only to draw your ideal customer in, but keep them returning again and again.

Why is branding important?

Branding helps clearly, consistently, and directly communicate the overarching goals, mission, and ethos of your business to your audiences; creating a unique and inviting experience specifically created to attract your ideal customer whilst maintaining the professionalism and quality your business is known for.

How branding can help your business

Branding forms a vital part of your customers’ experiences both on and offline; helping to communicate your values, messages, and business ethos clearly and consistently across all platforms – from your website and social media, your advertising and marketing material to your business premises, uniforms, and all forms of communication – ensuring your business is instantly recognisable for all the right reasons.


Webkick took the initial brief and turned things around really fast. I would really recommend anyone who is looking to bring their web presence up to date to actually chat to Webkick.

Vanessa Okell, Symbiosis Ltd

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