Copywriting is the art of writing content specifically crafted to communicate your overarching business goals; services or products, to your ideal customer in a direct, informative, and helpful way. Often associated with content for websites, copywriting forms a crucial part of all customer-facing messaging, such as:

Digital marketing
Digital advertising
Print advertising and printed marketing materials
Social media activity
Blogging and SEO article writing
Branded content and advertorials
Search engine optimisation (on and off site)
Video production
Keyword research

Why is copywriting important?

Due to its customer-facing nature, copywriting generally hinges on taking your business’s core messages, translating them into the core services or products your business offers, and ensuring any content created to promote these services or products is clear, direct, and helpful to your ideal customer.

How copywriting can help your business

With search engine optimisation (SEO) often at the centre of any copywriting meant for online consumption, copywriting also involved the seamless integration of relevant keywords and phrases your ideal customer is searching for; helping to drive increased, relevant traffic to your site, whilst supporting your venture to increasing those all-important leads and sales.


This new website will help us promote the work of the charity and ensure the public have up to date information on mental health.

Debra Ramchurn, CEO of Andover Mind

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