A powerful online tool, the benefits of using video on your website and within your marketing activities are vast, including:

Driving increased traffic to your website
Delivering your message quickly and clearly
Engaging your website visitors
Showcasing the personality of your brand and the strengths of your team
Increasing your overall reach
Helping you stand out above your competitors

Why is using video important?

Not only is video an engaging, quick, and direct way of delivering your message to your audiences, but video also helps drive increased traffic to your website and engage visitors upon arrival.

What’s more, videos make content easier to consume, are easier and more likely to share and be shared, and search engines absolutely love them!

How using video can help your business

Whether it’s a 10 second video posted on social media or a 10 minute explainer video for your website, when executed professionally, video is always a sound investment; for attracting and engaging new customers, quickly and clearly explaining key elements of your business, products or services, and showcasing the strengths of your team – leading to those all important increases in leads and sales.


This new website will help us promote the work of the charity and ensure the public have up to date information on mental health.

Debra Ramchurn, CEO of Andover Mind