Welcome ​from ​everyone ​here ​at ​Webkick. ​We ​are ​delighted ​to ​be ​working ​with ​you! ​In ​this contract ​we ​have ​outlined ​how ​we ​do ​things ​and ​what ​we ​expect ​from ​you, ​to ​enable ​us ​to ​help you ​achieve ​your ​goals.

Webkick’s ​approach ​is ​transparent, ​so ​you ​won’t ​find ​complicated ​legal ​jargon. ​Although ​the language ​is ​simple, ​this ​contract ​is ​a ​legal ​document ​under ​exclusive ​jurisdiction ​of ​English courts.

In ​short

You ​are ​hiring ​Webkick ​Limited ​located ​at ​4 ​Eastgate ​House, ​East ​Street, ​Andover, ​Hampshire SP10 ​1EP ​to
design ​and ​develop ​a ​web ​site ​for ​the ​estimated ​total ​price ​outlined ​in ​our ​Order Acknowledgement ​(hereafter ​referred ​to ​as ​the ​‘OA’). ​The ​agreed ​payment ​plan ​is ​also ​outlined in ​the ​Payment ​section ​of ​this ​document.

What ​do ​both ​parties ​agree ​to ​do?

As ​our ​customer, ​you ​have ​the ​power ​and ​ability ​to ​enter ​into ​this ​contract ​on ​behalf ​of ​your company ​or ​organisation. ​You ​agree ​to ​provide ​us ​with ​everything ​that ​we ​need ​to ​complete ​the project ​including ​text,
images ​and ​other ​information ​as ​and ​when ​we ​need ​it, ​and ​in ​the ​format that ​we ​ask ​for. ​You ​agree ​to ​review ​our ​work, ​provide ​feedback ​and ​sign-off ​approval ​in ​a ​timely manner. ​Deadlines ​work ​two ​ways ​and ​you ​will ​also ​need ​to ​adhere ​to ​any ​dates ​that ​we ​set together, ​to ​ensure ​the ​delivery ​of ​projects ​on ​time. ​You ​also ​agree ​to ​stick ​to ​the ​payment schedule ​set ​out. ​We ​have ​the ​experience ​and ​ability ​to ​perform ​the ​services ​you ​need ​from ​us and ​we ​will ​carry ​them ​out ​in ​a ​professional ​and ​timely ​manner. ​Along ​the ​way ​we ​will endeavour ​to ​meet ​all ​the ​deadlines ​set ​but ​we ​can’t ​be ​responsible ​for ​a ​missed ​launch ​date ​or a ​deadline ​if ​you ​have ​been ​late ​in ​supplying ​materials ​or ​have ​not ​approved ​or ​signed ​off ​our work ​on-time ​at ​any ​stage.

We ​will ​maintain ​the ​confidentiality ​of ​any ​information ​that ​you ​give ​us.

Details​ ​of​ ​the​ ​works

If ​you ​have ​ordered ​a ​new ​website

We ​will ​create ​designs ​for ​the ​look-and-feel, ​layout ​and ​functionality ​of ​your ​website. ​This contract includes ​one ​main ​design ​plus ​the ​opportunity ​for ​you ​to ​make ​up ​to ​two ​rounds ​of revisions.

If ​you ​have ​ordered ​bespoke ​work

The ​work ​we ​will ​undertake ​will ​have ​been ​outlined ​in ​the ​brief ​as ​part ​of ​the ​original ​Proposal.
That ​document ​forms ​part ​of ​our ​contract.

Technical ​capability

If ​the ​project ​includes ​XHTML ​or ​HTML ​markup ​and ​CSS ​templates, ​we ​will ​develop ​these ​using valid ​HTML5 ​markup ​and ​CSS3 ​for ​styling. ​We ​will ​test ​all ​our ​markup ​and ​CSS ​in ​current versions ​of ​all ​major ​browsers ​including ​those ​made ​by ​Apple, ​Google, ​Microsoft, ​Mozilla ​and Opera. ​We ​will ​also ​test ​to ​ensure ​that ​pages will ​display ​visually ​in ​a ​similar, ​albeit ​not necessarily ​an ​identical ​way, ​in ​the ​previous ​generation ​of ​web ​browsers. ​We ​will ​not ​test ​these templates ​in ​old ​or ​abandoned ​browsers, ​for ​example ​Microsoft ​IE ​5, ​5.5 ​or ​6 ​for ​Windows ​or Mac, ​previous ​versions ​of ​Apple’s ​Safari, ​Mozilla ​Firefox ​or ​Opera ​unless ​otherwise ​specified. ​If you ​need ​to ​show ​the ​same ​or ​similar ​visual ​design ​to ​visitors ​using ​these ​older ​browsers, ​we will ​charge ​you ​at ​the ​daily ​rate ​set ​out ​in ​our ​original ​estimate ​for ​any ​necessary ​additional code ​and ​its ​testing.


If ​needed, ​you ​will ​supply ​us ​photographs ​either ​in ​digital ​or ​printed ​format. ​Alternatively, ​we ​can source ​and ​purchase ​stock ​photography ​as ​part ​of ​the ​project, ​or ​commission ​a ​photographer, for ​an ​additional ​fee ​which ​will ​be ​agreed ​with ​you.

Changes ​and ​revisions

We ​don’t ​want ​to ​limit ​either ​your ​options ​or ​your ​opportunities ​to ​change ​your ​mind. ​The ​AO quoted ​cost ​is ​based ​on ​the ​amount ​of ​time ​and ​work ​that ​we ​estimate ​we’ll ​need ​to ​accomplish everything ​that ​you ​have ​told ​us ​you ​want ​to ​achieve. ​If ​you ​do ​want ​to ​change ​your ​mind, ​add extra ​pages ​or ​templates, ​or ​even ​add ​new ​functionality, ​that ​won’t ​be ​a ​problem. ​You ​may ​be charged ​an ​additional ​fee ​for ​the ​changes and ​this ​will ​be ​made ​clear ​to ​you ​before ​we ​proceed with ​the ​work. ​Along ​the ​way ​we ​might ​ask ​you ​to ​put ​requests ​in ​writing ​so ​we ​can ​keep track of ​changes.

Legal​ ​stuff

Just ​like ​a ​parking ​ticket, ​you ​cannot ​transfer ​this ​contract ​to ​anyone ​else ​without ​our permission. ​This ​contract ​stays ​in ​place ​and ​need ​not ​be ​renewed. ​If ​for ​some ​reason ​one ​part of ​this ​contract ​becomes ​invalid ​or ​unenforceable, ​the ​remaining ​parts ​of ​it ​remain ​in ​place.

Despite ​our ​best ​efforts, ​we ​can’t ​guarantee ​that ​the ​functions ​contained ​in ​any ​web ​page templates ​or ​in ​a ​completed ​website ​will ​always ​be ​error-free ​and ​so ​we ​can’t ​be ​liable ​to ​you ​or any ​third ​party ​for ​damages, ​including ​lost ​profits, ​lost ​savings ​or ​other ​incidental, ​consequential or ​special ​damages arising
out ​of ​the ​operation ​of ​or ​inability ​to ​operate ​this ​website ​and ​any other ​web ​pages, ​even ​if ​you ​have ​advised ​us ​of ​the ​possibilities ​of ​such ​damages.

If ​any ​provision ​of ​this ​agreement ​shall ​be ​unlawful, ​void, ​or ​for ​any ​reason ​unenforceable, ​then that ​provision ​shall ​be ​deemed ​severable ​from ​this ​agreement ​and ​shall ​not ​affect ​the ​validity and ​enforceability ​of ​any ​remaining ​provisions.

Upon ​acceptance ​of ​these ​terms ​and ​conditions, ​this ​order ​becomes ​non-cancellable, ​and ​we reserve ​the ​right ​to ​charge ​you ​for ​the ​value ​of ​the ​order ​should ​you ​cancel ​it ​without ​cause.


Webkick ​makes ​no ​warranties ​or ​representations ​of ​any ​kind, ​whether ​expressed ​or ​implied ​for the ​service ​it ​is ​providing. ​Webkick ​also ​disclaims ​any ​warranty ​of ​merchantability ​or ​fitness ​for any ​particular ​purpose ​and ​will ​not ​be ​responsible ​for ​any ​damages ​that ​may ​be ​suffered ​by ​the client, ​including ​loss ​of ​data ​resulting ​from ​delays, ​non-deliveries ​or ​service ​interruptions ​by ​any cause ​or ​errors ​or ​omissions ​of ​the ​client. ​Use ​of ​any ​information ​obtained ​by ​way ​of ​Webkick ​is at ​the ​client’s ​own ​risk, ​and ​Webkick ​specifically ​denies ​any ​responsibility ​for ​the ​accuracy ​or quality ​of ​information ​obtained ​through ​its ​services. ​Connection ​speed ​represents ​the ​speed ​of an ​end-to end ​connection. ​Webkick ​does ​not ​represent ​guarantees ​of ​speed ​or ​availability ​of end-to-end ​connections. ​Webkick ​expressly ​limits ​its ​damages ​to ​the ​client ​for ​any non-accessibility ​time ​or ​other ​down-time ​to ​the ​pro-rata ​monthly ​charge ​during ​the ​system unavailability. ​Company ​specifically ​denies ​any ​responsibilities ​for ​any ​damages ​arising ​as ​a consequence ​of ​such ​unavailability.


You ​guarantee ​to ​us ​that ​any ​elements ​of ​text, ​graphics, ​photos, ​designs, ​trademarks, ​or ​other artwork ​and ​media ​that ​you ​provide ​us ​for ​inclusion ​in ​the ​website ​are ​either ​owned ​by ​your good ​selves, ​or ​that ​you ​have ​permission ​to ​use ​them.

You ​also ​guarantee ​that ​you ​own, ​or ​are ​authorised ​to ​act ​on ​behalf ​of ​the ​owner, ​of ​domain names, ​hosting ​accounts, ​social ​media ​accounts, ​and ​other ​information ​and ​credentials ​given ​to us ​to ​make ​administrative ​changes.

When ​we ​receive ​your ​final ​payment, ​copyright ​is ​automatically ​assigned ​as ​follows: You ​own ​the ​graphics ​and ​other ​visual ​elements ​that ​we ​create ​for ​you ​for ​this ​project. ​We ​will give ​you ​a ​copy ​of ​all ​files ​and ​you ​should ​store ​them ​really ​safely ​as ​we ​are ​not ​required ​to keep ​them ​or ​provide ​any ​native ​source ​files ​that ​we ​used ​in ​making ​them.

You ​also ​own ​text ​content, ​photographs ​and ​other ​data ​you ​provided, ​unless ​someone ​else owns ​them. ​We ​own
the ​XHTML ​markup, ​CSS ​and ​other ​code ​and ​we ​license ​it ​to ​you ​for ​use ​on only ​this ​project.

We ​love ​to ​show ​off ​our ​work ​and ​share ​what ​we ​have ​learned ​with ​other ​people, ​so ​we ​also reserve ​the ​right ​to ​display ​and ​link ​to ​your ​completed ​project ​as ​part ​of ​our ​portfolio ​and ​to write ​about ​the ​project ​on ​websites, ​in ​magazine ​articles, ​in ​books ​about ​web ​design ​and ​enter them ​for ​awards!


We ​are ​sure ​you ​understand ​how ​important ​it ​is ​as ​a ​small ​business ​that ​you ​pay ​the ​invoices that ​we ​send ​you ​promptly. ​You ​agree ​to ​stick ​to ​the ​following ​payment ​schedule, ​which ​will ​be as ​follows, ​but ​may ​be
revised ​based ​on ​further ​conversations ​between ​us.

For ​website ​projects

  1. One ​third ​of ​total ​estimated ​fee ​prior ​to ​commencing ​the ​project ​kick-off ​meeting
  2. One ​third ​of ​total ​estimated ​fee ​once ​the ​design ​has ​been ​approved ​(prior ​to commencing ​programming ​and ​website ​build
  3. Final ​third ​of ​estimated ​fee ​(plus ​any ​associated ​hosting ​and ​any ​agreed ​additional costs) ​once ​the ​development ​of ​the ​website ​is ​complete ​and ​approved ​and ​ready ​to ​be made ​live.

For ​ad-hoc ​amendments ​and ​work ​requests

We ​will ​advise ​on ​the ​likely ​cost ​and, ​if ​agreed ​by ​you, ​complete ​the ​work ​as ​requested ​and invoice ​you, ​usually ​at ​the ​end ​of ​the ​month, ​for ​all ​ad-hoc ​work ​requests ​during ​that ​month.

Payment​ ​terms

Invoices ​are ​payable ​upon ​receipt. ​We ​do ​not ​currently ​charge ​interest ​on ​overdue ​invoices ​but reserve ​the ​right ​to ​change ​this ​and ​notify ​you ​of ​the ​change, ​in ​writing, ​30 ​days ​before ​the changes ​take ​effect.

Overdue ​invoices ​for ​managed ​hosting ​may ​result ​in ​suspension ​of ​services ​until ​the ​account balance ​has ​been ​cleared.