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What does digital marketing involve?

What does digital marketing involve?

If you’re thinking of delving into the digital world but you’ve never done it before, you may be wondering: what does digital marketing involve?

We talk about it, some of us write about it, we read about it, and most of us do it without even noticing, but – particularly if you’re just setting up a new business or you run a small business, you may not have started this formally yet; in which case, you may be wondering: what does digital marketing involve?

Although it may sound a little abstract and something reserved mainly for millennials or massive, international corporations worth millions of pounds, digital marketing is a really effective, and cost effective, way to raise awareness for your business, foster relationships with your customers, monitor the reputation of your brand, and increase your sales.

But the best part about digital marketing? It’s entirely measurable and traceable.

What does digital marketing involve and what is it?

Digital marketing isn’t as scary and technical as it sounds, and it’s arguably something so many of us come into contact with every single day – updating & browsing our Instagram and Facebook, receiving emails, and searching for, then browsing, websites for things we desperately need (or simply want!).

In a nutshell, digital marketing is the marketing of goods and services online.

Great! Now we’ve got that part out the way, we can more onto the real, important stuff – what does it involve?

For businesses:

Digital marketing involves a myriad of online tools, platforms, and services to reach, often as many potential customers as possible, but also existing customers, and really carefully targeted (specific) audiences; it’s about using the wonderful online world to capture people’s interest and convince them to purchase your product or service over your competitors.

Therefore, for businesses and from a technical perspective, digital marketing involves:

  • The look, feel, and overall design of your website
  • Keeping all your Social Media updated, and ensuring you’re using the right platforms for your product and audience
  • Content marketing – both on your website, and on external websites (i.e updating your blog, creating guest blogs, making videos, using pictures etc.)
  • Pay Per Click and Social Media advertising (Google Ads, Facebook ads etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and ensuring the content on your website is regularly updated
    App development and in-app marketing
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Tracking your activity and what your customers are doing on your site, and where they’re coming from, and seeing what works best
  • Understanding what your customers are engaging with and tailoring your content accordingly
  • A small cost for a great ROI

For the customer:

When considering digital marketing, it’s also really important to consider what the customer experiences, and what’s involved. Think about what you want your end user to get out of your digital marketing – how do you want them to feel, what do you want them to do, and where do they need to go?

For customers, digital marketing involves:

  • How easy your website is to find
  • How your website looks, and how easy it is to navigate
  • How well your website reads
  • How valuable your Social Media posts are
  • How often or likely you are to respond to comments on Social Media
  • How often you send emails
  • How your product or service is going to benefit them
  • How relevant your business is to them, and their needs

Final thoughts on what does digital marketing involve?

Digital marketing involves more than just a simple facebook post or a pretty website; it involves lots of forward planning, and consideration – a palimpsest of joined up activity all coming together for one sole purpose: increasing sales through your website.

It’s also a great way of understanding where your customers are coming from, what your customers are doing, and what you can do to improve your sales and enquiries.

Essentially, digital marketing provides you with the tools your business needs to be the best you possibly can be, in the eyes of your customers; increasing not only the value of your brand, but the amount of sales you make.

If you’d like to know more about, or would like support with, digital marketing, contact us today.

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