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Increasing conversions, raising brand perception, and keeping customers returning with web design, digital marketing, and creative services.

AKFS Special Vehicles Ltd. possesses over 30 years experience in the field of manufacturing after-market vehicles for a variety of industries and services, including; minibuses, grounds maintenance vehicles, car transporters and recovery vehicles, and plant hire vehicles.

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Website design

Experiencing a period of growth and positive change, Advanced KFS Special Vehicles Ltd. were keen to grow their online presence, audience reach, and customer-base accordingly; needing a brand new website that brought the business’ most popular products to the forefront, re-imagined the user journey to better respond to what customers were searching for, and how they were searching for it.


Digital marketing

The Advanced KFS website included a ‘News’ section which hadn’t been updated in several months; the perfect avenue through which to keep the site updated, whilst providing regular, interesting content for Social Media, and a central point for email marketing.

Recognising the importance of utilising this space, and the impact it would have on raising the profile of the brand, we began by creating a series of articles and corresponding emails around relevant terms people were searching for, and exhibitions the business was associated with.



Isuzu Grafter page of Advanced KFS

Creative services

A new, informative, and regularly updated website with a fresh new image needed just 2 more elements to see the entire project complete: stunning new photography and effective marketing material.

By redesigning the logo, recreating all vehicle imagery to an exceptional standard, and creating a range of brochures & leaflets using a defined set of brand guidelines; showcasing the high quality and benefits associated with the vehicle conversions produced, we were able to raise the overall perception of the brand.

Advanced KFS, Quality without compromise


A beautiful new website which responds to customer needs; high quality, relevant content updated regularly to increase traffic and improve user engagement, plus new photography and marketing material created specifically to raise the overall perception of the brand whilst highlighting the benefits of each vehicle conversion.

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